Job in European Union Delegation in Kigali: Driver; Rwanda (Deadline: 16th April 2015)

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Job in European Union Delegation in Kigali:    Driver; Rwanda  (Deadline: 16th April 2015)


Status: Local Agent grade V

Place: European Union Delegation in Kigali – Rwanda

Type of contract: Indefinite contract with a probationary period of 3 months.


To drive and maintain the vehicles of the EU Delegation in top condition, as directed by the Head of Delegation or the Head of Administration; to assist in the Administrative Section where required.


The candidate will be selected according to the following criteria. He/she should, in the letter of application, explain how he/she meets these selection criteria:

  • Experience in a similar role, including excellent driving record, and ability to drive defensively, carefully and smoothly. The Delegation places great importance on safety in driving, consideration for traffic rules and speed limits, and for safety of passengers and pedestrians, and of other vehicles on the road.
  • Excellent knowledge of the roads and geography of Kigali and Rwanda, and to some extent, of neighbouring countries.
  • Ability to plan routes, read maps, research locations, use GPS equipment and vehicle radio equipment, and follow directions.
  • Proven client service skills including the ability to deal with a wide range of clients, namely, Delegation staff and visiting EU officials.
  • Good communication skills in English and French, as well as Kinyarwanda.
  • Good organisational skills, and the ability to take direction, respond to challenges and meet deadlines. Punctuality will be a key consideration.
  • Ability to learn new tasks quickly.
  • Ability to use standard office computer systems and other office equipment.
  • Good interpersonal skills including the ability to work effectively as part of a team and build effective working relationships within the Delegation, with other embassies, government ministries and business. Display a professional level of smartness, dress sense and decorum consistent with an employee of a diplomatic organisation.
  • Willingness to work outside of normal office hours of the Delegation.
  • An understanding of ethical work practices, information privacy, confidentiality and security principles. Conformity with the Code on Ethics and Professional Conduct of the EU is required.


  • Drive Delegation vehicles safely, skillfully, respecting Rwanda traffic rules.
  • Drive Delegation staff to/from official appointments.
  • Perform duties of driver in a courteous and professional manner, being mindful at all times of security issues and road conditions.
  • Develop and maintain good knowledge of location of offices, buildings and other sites visited by Delegation staff in Kigali and throughout Rwanda.
  • Plan and research driving routes and destinations to ensure timely arrival at specified destinations.
  • Collect and deliver invitations, letters, goods, packages, etc. as directed.
  • Maintain vehicle log books.
  • Have basic knowledge of vehicle mechanics.
  • Maintain official vehicle in clean and road-worthy condition.
  • Ensure that daily safety and cleanliness checks of vehicles are undertaken.
  • Ensure the security of Delegation vehicles when outside Delegation premises.
  • Assist with general administrative tasks when required, relating to Delegation staff, property and management, as directed by the Head of Administration.
  • Liaise with local authorities and other contacts in following up on matters related to the Delegation’s administration, including customs clearance and vehicle registration.
  • Assist with representational activities of the Delegation (receptions, meetings, dinners).
  • Other duties as directed.


  • The candidate must have a clean driving license (no traffic infringements), at least a secondary school education, and a minimum of five years of relevant driving experience (after issue of driving licence).
  • Must be able to communicate fluently in English and Kinyarwanda, and French.



Applications should include, other than CV and motivation letter, two character references from previous employers where employed as a driver. References should show evidence of discretion, honesty, punctuality, and a developed sense of responsibility, as well as ability to show time flexibility in performing duties.

Please note that suitability for these positions will be judged against the Selection Criteria and that applications that fail to address the Selection Criteria and/or fail to include referee details will not be considered.


Candidates must have the right to live and work in Rwanda.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their candidature with their CV, two character references and a letter of motivation to the Head of Administration.


Either by sealed envelope:

European Union Delegation to Rwanda, 1807 boulevard de l’Umuganda, B.P. 515 KIGALI

(date as per postmark)

Or by sing the buttob below”Apply for this job”.

(Copies of diplomas are not necessary to be enclosed. They would need to be presented at a later stage, upon request.)

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